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Shakin' Our Souls

"Top Favorite Album of 2012 – Shakin’ Our Souls
— Little Steven Van Zandt
Underground Garage, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

"Swollen with rough and tough rockers rooted in the blues, The Doughboys approach their tautly-written songs with a here and now presence."
— Beverly Paterson,
"Riff-tastic rock’n’roll…14 blues-soaked gems…rock on, fellas."
— Jeffrey Sisk, Tribune, McKeesport, PA
"The Doughboys third studio album since their comeback…is a bonafide rocker. The quartet of Myke Scavone, Richard X. Heyman, Mike Caruso and Gar Francis shoot out of traps, guitars blazing…it’s a rock record for sure, but one that’s fixed firmly in their New Jersey garage roots. Big and soulful, it fizzes with punk energy. The songs are constructed and arranged for maximum impact and instant thrills. The band is on fire from the start…like a power pop Steppenwolf in a hurry to get somewhere."
— Leicester Bangs, UK
"Happy blues year – the Garden State’s most influential garage and blues-rock band, the Doughboys, put out Shakin’ Our Souls, another masterful collection of songs."
— The Asbury Park Press
"Is it possible to still have ‘attitude’ in rockn’roll? You bet your ass it is. If you’ve ever doubted it (like we all have over the years), just listen to the Doughboys’ Shakin’ Our Souls. This is vintage, in-your-face, gorgeously raw rock’n’roll from front to back…this is old school rock at its best – bluesy, stripped down, Stones-y rock…Suffice it to say, if you want to hear what real rock’n’roll was always supposed to sound like, check out the DoughboysShakin’ Our Souls. Your faith will be renewed."
— Steve Walbridge, Elmore Magazine
"Paul Revere and The Raiders’ incredible Mark Lindsay – who cameos on vocals/sax, and contributes liner notes…calls them ‘the real deal.’ He’s not wrong."
— Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover
"The don’t-ever-be-fooled-by-imitations New Jersey Doughboys resolutely enter their second half-century making the kind of utterly joyous noise even Raider rough-houser Mark Lindsay can’t help but contribute liner notes (not to mention sax!) to."
— Gary Pig Gold’s Top 12 of 2012/Rock’s Backpages
"#4 Top CD for 2012 – The Doughboys Shakin’ Our Souls."
— Bill Kelly, WFMU
"The Doughboys rocked our souls (and the rest of the body!)"
— Gew-Gaw Fanzine, Greece
"Since reuniting in 2000 (and with Gar Francis having succeeded founding lead guitarist Willy Kirchofer, who passed away in 2005) the Doughboys have firmly re-established themselves as a continuous and engaging presence on the concert stage. Since 2007, they have also released several albums of all new material, of which Shakin’ Our Souls is among the strongest and most accessible to date…the band simply does what they have done best from the onset, which is create primarily original and engaging first generation garage rock."
— Michael McDowell, Blitz Magazine
"The band is a well oiled machine and playing classic rock and roll sure to please. Another great addition to your rock and roll playlist."
— Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic
"The songs are so vital and energetic…you have to love the rapid fire machine gun blast of Heyman’s drums, the blazing hot guitar work of Gar Francis, Mike Caruso’s work on bass and the way Myke Scavone’s vocal calisthenics are perfectly suited to this material."
— Richard Rossi, Carolina Orange