Act Your Rage

"'I’m Not Your Man' already Coolest Song in the World!" -Little Steven Van Zandt, Underground Garage

"This is the sound of the garage, wide open in the sweltering summer; guitars raging from overheated amplifiers; the singer bulleting sweat against the microphone; the bass and drums digging in deep, one passionate thump at a time." -Alan Haber

"Governed by stomping rhythms, the wheezing howl of a honking harp and growling vocals, here’s a song that recalls the finest hours of cherished bands like The Animals, The Pretty Things and The Shadows of Knight.  The Doughboys are right on the dough (pun intended) when it comes to writing and playing traditional garage rock. Their timing, instinct and overall feel for the music is real.  Hooray for The Doughboys!" -Beverly Paterson, Lance Monthly

"I purchased I'm Not Your Man yesterday. Man does this song rock!!!! Right from the get-go the opening guitar riff grabs you and never lets go. It may be called 'I'm Not Your Man', but if you love rock and roll it's definitely your song!" -Jim Blaney, fan

"When I first heard this song on Sirius Satellite Radio, I thought the Rolling Stones had released another good hit! If you are behind a driving wheel, this song will make you want to keep driving, even after having passed your destination exit. Check this song out all of you who like a good kick ass rock n roll song." -3Mpro, fan

Price: $10.00
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Price: $10.00
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They’ve done it again! Plainfield, NJ’s favorite sons, THE DOUGHBOYS, have come up with another stupendous slice of the catchiest rock’n’roll this side of the Passaic River!

Their second album ACT YOUR RAGE takes the world by storm on January 1, 2010 when THE DOUGHBOYS unleash sixteen new songs concocted once again with the able assistance of recording engineer KURT REIL (Grip Weeds) & mastering engineer ED STASIUM (Ramones, Living Colour, Smithereens, Marshall Crenshaw).

I’M NOT YOUR MAN - the first single from ACT YOUR RAGE – has already been chosen as the Coolest Song In The World by LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT on his UNDERGROUND GARAGE show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio! You may recall that THE DOUGHBOYS’ first single off their debut album, BLACK SHEEP, was likewise honored by LITTLE STEVEN & CO. & in fact was named the #2 Coolest Song in the World for all of 2008!

  • Produced and mixed by The Doughboys and Kurt Reil at House of Vibes in Highland Park, NJ
  • Mastered by Ed Stasium (Ramones, Smithereens, Living Colour, Marshall Crenshaw)
  • Liner notes by Bill Kelly (Underground Garage and WFMU DJ)


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MP3 Buy Now Break Out 3:37

MP3 Buy Now Turn Your Love On Me 3:55

MP3 Buy Now Why Can't She See Me? 2:51

MP3 Buy Now Carmalina 4:36

MP3 Buy Now Sidetracked Again 2:35

MP3 Buy Now It's Alright 3:16

MP3 Buy Now Nobody's Girl 3:00

MP3 Buy Now Early Warning Wake Up 3:5

MP3 Buy Now Queen City 4:46

MP3 Buy Now Twelve Bars and I Still Have The

MP3 Buy Now Desperate Delusion 4:06

MP3 Buy Now I'm Not Your Man 3:22

MP3 Buy Now Wishful Thinking 4:42

MP3 Buy Now I'm That Kind Of Man 3:44

MP3 Buy Now Suck It Up 3:11

MP3 Buy Now Tuesday Afternoon 4:12