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This is vintage, in-your-face, gorgeously raw rock’n’roll from front to back…this is old school rock at its best – bluesy, stripped down, Stones-y rock...
— Steve Walbridge, Elmore Magazine

The Doughboys’ songs have become huge favorites on radio around the world, especially with Little Steven Van Zandt, who named Shakin’ Our Souls his favorite album of 2012, and who has bestowed the much sought after rank of “Coolest Song In The World” on seven of The Doughboys’ songs on his Underground Garage channel on Sirius/XM radio. Additionally, The Doughboys' music is used extensively in film, television and advertising, including in such TV shows as “The Big Bang Theory,” “Californication,” “Breaking Amish” and “The Good Guys” and in the film “Coming Through The Rye.”