the albums

Front Street Rebels (2017)

Twelve brilliant new tracks from the band whose career spans pretty much all the decades rock’n’roll has been in existence. They returned to the House of Vibes to work again with producer/engineer Kurt Reil, and the results are scintillating. Masterful songwriting, playing and production mark this as MykeGarRichie and Mike’s crowning achievement – highly original rockin’ tracks which remain true to their garage/blues/rock roots.

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Hot Beat Stew (2015)

Hungry? How about a little Hot Beat Stew, served up by The Doughboys??

Yes, soup’s on and The Doughboys are proud to present their fourth album, Hot Beat Stew, a delectable broth of sixteen sizzling tracks, sure to please the palates of true fans and connoisseurs of authentic rock’n’roll.

For this outing, MykeGarRichie and Mike assembled at Spa Sound, the Edison, New Jersey studio of Steve “Stevie D.” DeAcutis, and got to work, self-producing dish after dish of instantly classic gems – the churning “Shake It Loose”, the swampy “Travelin’ Salesman”, the delicately seasoned “Soho Girl”, their garage-rockin’ take on the Smoky Robinson classic “Tears of a Clown”…and so many more - the menu goes on and on. Sample ‘em all and bon appetit!

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Shakin' Our Souls (2012)

Remember how records used to sound? Like the band was playing in your living room!

Well, this new Doughboys album was recorded live to 2” analog tape at the House of Vibes in The Doughboys’ home state of New Jersey, produced by the band & Kurt Reil. Those nice wide tracks imbue the sound with warmth that only real, non-digitized sound waves can achieve, grooves that massage your eardrums, not assault them! The songs have one foot planted firmly in the garage music of the 60's & the other in the concerns & issues of the 21st century, just like The Doughboys, who got their start in 1963 but are firmly rooted & relevant in 2012.

Give Shakin' Our Souls a listen & you will agree that rock’n’roll is back in a BIG & soul-shakin’ way!

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Act Your Rage (2009)

They’ve done it again! Plainfield, NJ’s favorite sons, THE DOUGHBOYS, have come up with another stupendous slice of the catchiest rock’n’roll this side of the Passaic River!

Their second album ACT YOUR RAGE takes the world by storm on January 1, 2010 when THE DOUGHBOYS unleash sixteen new songs concocted once again with the able assistance of recording engineer KURT REIL (Grip Weeds) & mastering engineer ED STASIUM (Ramones, Living Colour, Smithereens, Marshall Crenshaw).

I’M NOT YOUR MAN - the first single from ACT YOUR RAGE – has already been chosen as the Coolest Song In The World by LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT on his UNDERGROUND GARAGE show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio! 

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Get ready for it! If you've ever seen The Doughboys live, then you already know just how rockin' this DVD will be!

Staged at Arlene's Grocery in New York City, The Doughboys hit the stage to bring you a live performance that you'll wish you were there for.

Top it off with a behind-the-scenes look about the origins story of the band and you've got all the ingredients you need for a kick-ass time.

Is It Now? (2007)

Scratch the surface of anyone who was a teenager in Plainfield, NJ during the 60’s and you’ll find the Doughboys a part of the nostalgia. The band was formed in 1964 and they called themselves The Ascots until they changed their name to The Doughboys in 1966.

They won a recording contract with Bell Records as part of their first prize winning of a year-long battle-of-the-bands on Zacherle’s Disc-o-teen TV show. They put out two singles – Rhoda Mendelbaum and Everybody Knows My Name, which received airplay on WMCA in New York City in exchange for the band playing the weekly Good Guys shows, which were live package performances at various venues in the tri-state area. They were the house band at the Café Wha? in Greenwich Village during the summer of ’68.

Is It Now? is a record of who they are and how they sound. It took a while to get from Rhoda Mendelbaum to Is It Now?, but don’t let any more time go by – get groovin’ to The Doughboys today!

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