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The Doughboys - LIVE - Rock n' Raw in 2-disc DVD/CD combo set packed with LIVE Doughboys content available NOW from Ram Records.

Your favorite international garage-rockers are captured in this live audio and video collection with more than 3 hours of material, plus bonus featurettes and deleted scenes.

DSIC 1 - DVD - A full feature-length documentary chronicling The Doughboys 40-year history complete with a LIVE on-stage performance at Arlene's Grocery in New York City. This film is the perfect blend of story and stage and is bound to get you rockin'!

DISC 2 - Compact Disc - The LIVE performance at Arlene's Grocery is immortalized for your on-the-go and at-home listening pleasure. More than 20 tracks of LIVE Doughboys material from the past and present. Also includes 2 previously unreleased tracks!!!

Critical raves for ROCK N' RAW:

"This here package is a testimoney to their paralyzing onstage performances. The Doughboys sweat and snarl their way through a smoking showcase of greasy, grubby garage rock tunes. Mean, lean, light and to the point, that's the method in which the band wields their wares. Commanding vocals, oozing with blues power, wailing harmonicas, crunchy guitars, rumbling drum beats and loping bass riffs characterize the band 'heated and hooky songs. Quaking with energy and passion.- Twist & Shake

"Words alone cannot describe the manic mojo mayhem that they build up to throughout their whole set.-Jersey Beat

"Highly polished and beautifully filmed it will give the average viewer a special insightm into how good The Doughboys really are.- PowedrPopaholic

"In addition to reasserting The Doughboys' mettle as a live entity, the Rock N' Raw film also includes a few most welcome bonuses, including an interview with Cameo/Parkway label veteran, John Zacherle (who featured The Doughboys on his Disc-O-Teen program in 1966, when they were still known as The Ascots) and guided tours by the band of Greenwich Village and their hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey-Blitz Magazine

"This new film, on a DVD which includes a complete recent live show (with an accompanying CD) and a lot of evocative period footage -- is a vastly entertaining look at their rise and fall and rise again. Great music, and positively inspiritional on a lot of levels...- PowerPop blog