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 MP3  1. Be My Baby (2:46)

 MP3  2. You Don’t Even Know It (3:02)

 MP3  3. Don’t Come Crying To Me (2:37)

 MP3  4. Shake It Loose (3:34)

 MP3  5. Long Way Down (3:43)

 MP3  6. Soho Girl (2:53)

 MP3  7. You Can’t Catch Me (3:02)

 MP3  8. Crave (2:41)

 MP3  9. Heartache (2:53)

 MP3  10. For Your Love (3:08))

 MP3  11. Travelin’ Salesman (3:58)

 MP3  12. Biding My Time (3:33)

 MP3  13. Until Now (2:34)

 MP3  14. The Gambler (3:18)

 MP3  15. Kamikaze (2:48)

 MP3  16. The Tears of a Clown (3:52)


Hungry? How about a little Hot Beat Stew, served up by The Doughboys??

Yes, soup’s on and The Doughboys are proud to present their fourth album, Hot Beat Stew, a delectable broth of sixteen sizzling tracks, sure to please the palates of true fans and connoisseurs of authentic rock’n’roll.

In the decade and a half since the band re-formed in 2000 (following a thirty-five year hiatus, after having reigned as one of the most popular bands in central Jersey in the mid 60’s), The Doughboys have released three albums (Is It Now?Act Your Rage and Shakin’ Our Souls), numerous singles, and a documentary film with accompanying live disc (Rock N’ Raw). They’ve played up and down the eastern half of the country, often sharing bills with such luminaries as The PretendersThe YardbirdsThe Electric PrunesRoberta FlackRobin Trower and many others. They performed at the historic “Who Shot Rock’n’Roll?” exhibition at the Allentown Museum, an all-star tribute to George Harrison at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, the “Long May You Run” benefit for at The Hamilton Live in Washington, DC, and have appeared at prestigious venues like B.B. King’s, the Sellersville Theater, the Stone Pony and the Starland Ballroom.

Their songs have become huge favorites on radio around the world, especially with Little Steven Van Zandt, who named Shakin’ Our Souls his favorite album of 2012, and who has bestowed the much sought after rank of “Coolest Song In The World” on seven of The Doughboys’ songs on his Underground Garage channel on Sirius/XM radio.

Fervent fans of The Doughboys know the whole history, detailed on the Rock N’ Raw DVD–they first got together in ‘63 and played in various permutations through the rest of the 60’s. They gigged incessantly, won a battle-of-the-bands on Zacherle’s Disc-o-Teen TV show, opened for every act imaginable including The Beach Boys, and released two 45’s, “Rhoda Mendelbaum” and “Everybody Knows My Name”, on Bell Records before splitting up for what they thought was for good. The band members went their separate and interesting ways – Myke Scavone fronted hard rock ensemble Ram Jam who scored an international hit with Black BettyRichie Heymanplayed drums for the likes of Link WrayBrian Wilson and Jonathan Richman while simultaneously pursuing an acclaimed career as a singer/songwriter (under his full moniker Richard X. Heyman); Mike Carusolanded session work, including a stint with Jimi Hendrix.

In 2000, Richie Heyman’s wife organized a surprise reunion of The Doughboys for his birthday that summer, which went so well that they stuck with it. Enter guitarist Gar Francis (of Stones tribute band Sticky Fingersfame, as well as work with Billy Idol and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and The Raiders) in 2005 after the untimely passing of founding member and brilliant guitarist Willy Kirchofer.

Says renowned rock historian Hubs Goody in the Hot Beat Stew liner notes: “I swear to you, after seeing this band countless times, there are moments, many of them, when I am transported into what I call the ‘Doughboy Zone.’ It's a dizzy and happy place where all the craziness and woes of the world outside disappear and my body can't stay in one place for more than a second, and I feel the real power and magic of rock'n'roll.” 

For this outing, MykeGarRichie and Mike assembled at Spa Sound, the Edison, New Jersey studio of Steve “Stevie D.” DeAcutis, and got to work, self-producing dish after dish of instantly classic gems – the churning “Shake It Loose”, the swampy “Travelin’ Salesman”, the delicately seasoned “Soho Girl”, their garage-rockin’ take on the Smoky Robinson classic “Tears of a Clown”…and so many more - the menu goes on and on. Sample ‘em all and bon appetit!